Personal protective equipment

safety itemSafety of self and co-workers is the main concern kept in mind by professionals. All companies ensure their worker’s personal safety procedures and rules for all the operation carried in to the workplace.

NB Pinjar supplies different types of Personal protective equipment (PPE) suitable for different types of task. To achieve utmost safety on workplace, the basic step is to make sure that every worker wears their personal protective equipments made for different types of jobs where it is needed.

The purpose of personal protective equipment is to reduce employee exposure to hazards when engineering and administrative controls are not feasible or effective to reduce the risk.

NB Pinger supplies PPE such as protective clothing, Safety Helmets, Hard Hats, Safety Footwear, Dust Masks and Respirators, Industrial Safety Glasses and goggles, Aprons and Sleeves, Industrial Gloves, Welding shield, Chemical suit, Face mask, Ear Muff/plug and other garment or equipment designed to protect the wearer’s body from injury.