Water Supply

Water supplyWater is one of the most vital elements to health. We at NB Pinjar, identified the need for quality drinking water that is always high in quality and also meets the quality and standards which tastes great, quenches your thirst, and provides your body with essential minerals. We are well established water suppliers offer a fresh and safe drinking mineral water.

NB Pinjar Water is of extremely pure and healthy which is matched by the company’s aim to serve the customer’s need, priding itself on competitive pricing, timely delivery, good customer service and a safe, pure, healthy product!
NB Pinjar is a quality water product. It is tested regularly for consistency and packaged carefully under sanitary conditions. We are appreciated by our clients for clean and hygienic drinking water supply. NB Pinjar water bottle is refreshingly clean and hygienic to keep our clients healthy and energetic and available in jars of 20 liters.

  • Drinking Water Supply (20ltr Can)